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Facebook Advanced Search Terms and Tips 

The most effective method to Use "Facebook's Search Engine" To Find Anything

Do you think about every one of the things you can do utilizing Facebook’s search engine? It’s way effective that you think. Utilizing a blend of various search phrases, you can search every one of the posts, news, places, and photographs. You can even utilize it to shop, play recreations, or listen music. Be that as it may, it’s a ton distinctive that consistent web search engines like Google.

Facebook’s interior search engine is a standout amongst the most underrated and under-utilized instruments we go over consistently. Likewise, aside from Google’s search engine, it’s a standout amongst the most effective search apparatuses that we have readily available

Our most Facebook advanced search movement is constrained to writing the names of Friends and pages in the search box and at times we use for different purposes. This isn’t altogether our blame. After the presentation of Graph Search in 2014, aside from ending up more prominent, Facebook’s search engine has turned out to be trickier. Presently, there are numerous alternative and inquiry linguistic structure.

What precisely would i be able to discover utilizing Facebook advanced search?

In the event that you investigate Facebook’s search incite, it says “Search Facebook.” That’s correct, this search gives you a chance to search any post you’ve seen before on Facebook, every one of the friends, all freely shared things, and so on.

However, to do as such, frequently Facebook needs you to state your search questions utilizing common dialect. Essentially, it’s altogether different from Google’s search engine. As you enter an expression or companion’s name, Facebook begins indicating you prompts and recommendations that are naturally produced. These proposals are customized, which implies that they are distinctive for all Facebook clients and fluctuate as per their past exercises.

1. Utilize Facebook to Search Friend, groups, and pages, clearly

Facebook encounter is about your feriends and there are numerous ways you can search your friends. Aside from specifically searching for any client, you can sort the search comes about in view of city, training, work, and shared friends. On the other hand, you can likewise utilize following examples:

My friends

My dear friends

friends of my friends

friends of Sarah

2. Tips and trap to effortlessly search interests, likes, photographs, and so forth.

The new Facebook advanced search makes it simple to discover what your friends have enjoyed. For instance, you can begin writing Friends who like… . what’s more, it’ll begin demonstrating top recommendations. To limit the search comes about, you have to tap on a channel like People, Photos, Pages, and so on.

facebook like,post,interest search

You can utilize phrases like Photos of… . to search for your photographs, photos of your friends, and so forth. You can likewise search your already enjoyed photographs and posts. Essentially search Photos/posts loved by me. You can likewise utilize this search linguistic structure to discover the photographs/posts preferred by your loved ones. Just supplant me by my friends or some specific companion.

Facebook advanced search likewise underpins other catchphrase searches to enable you to discover what you’re searching for. You can begin searching with catchphrases like cake formula Carol, Lisa wedding, and so forth. You can utilize the expressions that you recollect from a specific post.

facebook_search_facebook contact info

3. Discover inns, eateries, and so on utilizing Facebook

Just in the event that you’re searching for some pizza put adjacent, you can attempt related searches. As Facebook underpins search for places, you’ll have the capacity to search for inns, organizations, eateries, administrations, and so forth. You can consolidate phrases like loved by my friends , loved by me, and so on to get more particular outcomes.

5 facebook-Advanced-search

4. Discover phone number on Facebook Advanced Search

Last yet not the minimum, you can search for a phone number on Facebook. Just enter your phone number (if it’s open), you can see it for yourself.

facebook phone number on search


5. Discover most recent news articles on Facebook

As of late, Facebook has developed as a standout amongst the most widely recognized wellspring of news for its clients. You can utilize phrases like Links/news/posts about… or utilize hashtags to determine the search result:

advanced facebook search


6. Search games and music

Facebook is additionally home to different games and music. You can search for diversions like Candy Crush, Words With Friends, and so forth. You can likewise search your most loved music specialists and groups, and get refreshes on their most recent discharges and recordings.


7. Discover things on Facebook and shop

You may haven’t understood yet you can do shopping on Facebook. Essentially search for the thing you’re searching for and limit the inquiry utilizing the best channels. You additionally get the alternative to sort the shop comes about as per their cost.


8. Search your own particular Facebook history

Aside from utilizing Facebook advanced search choice to discover your posts and photographs, you can search your movement log by going by this URL: https://www.facebook.com/me/allactivity

Facebook search terms


9. Search Videos utilizing Facebook advanced search

You can likewise search for recordings on Facebook. Basically utilize phrases like recordings, trailer, music video, and so on to get what you need. Ex. Fantasy world Trailer

6 facebook-advanced-search

Important : Combine the search phrases

As said above, you can join these expressions together and include things like time, area, interests, likes, and so on to get more particular outcomes. For ex., Photos of my friends previously 2000. You ought to likewise remember that Facebook’s Graph Search isn’t a common web search engine. It’s best to search particular substance sorts like photographs, individuals, posts, spots, and organizations.


It’s a given that the search comes about are influenced by the protection settings. Facebook likewise ensures that your protection settings are dealt with.

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